A mom & friend at PCCHE started a mom’s walking group before co-op each week. We’ll be following Leslie Sansone’s Walking the Walk Getting Fit with Faith. Last week as a group we completed a short intro and each borrowed a DVD to follow during the week. I’ve also been following the C25K program so I’ve alternated running (jogging) days with Walk days and took 1 day off.

We received our books yesterday that have a simple 30 day plan, a short reading with Scripture and a journal entry.

I’m looking forward to this time each week with moms before we start our homeschooling week. A good point was made yesterday as we were walking and talking about more should join us. Different points were mentioned that it’s hard to come 1 hour earlier, getting cleaned up for co-op and such & such. The good point was, “if this was for your kids you would do it”. Wow! That’s so true! The lengths we go to, to give children great opportunities. I’m not one who tries to indulge or have a petty party but making time for 1 hour early before co-op and some time most days of the week for health is okay. One also mentioned, “this is for your kids as well!” Yes, our health is for ourselves but also for our families. I want to be healthy and fit for my family! I want to enjoy many days and events! Of course I want to drop some pounds too but I really just want to be healthy!

I started back to exercising in mid July. I’ve been doing ok! Most days I do exercise. I’m really excited to have 12 weeks of meeting with friends for accountability and motivation. Especially heading into the busy fall season and Holidays.

Day 1 Journal

Arise and Walk!

How far? Plan this afternoon: C25K – 5 min warm up, Jog 90, Walk 90, Jog 3 mins, Walk 3 mins, repeat, cool down & stretch – 1.77 miles

Strength training? hand weights

How it’d go? great


Day 2

Walking on Purpose

How far? 2 mile DVD (wanted to do all 3 but baby is UP!)

Strength training? no

How it’d go? good

Notes: get up a little earlier

Day 3:

C25K: 1.70

yes I’ve been keeping up but not with posting! Lots of family time this weekend & such has kept me away from computer.

I’ll just have to start Day 4 journaling tomorrow I guess.

Today was 1st day of 3rd grade and I’ve been on a hunt for a missing toy most of the day……

such is my blessed life!


Day 4: Getting a Hand from above

How far? 2.25 miles with C25K plan W4D1

Strength training? no

How it’d go? great

Notes: great morning run and devotion in the cool air!

Yesterday was our first day at co-op. After arriving early for teacher 
meeting, staying in between scouts for dinner, cub scouts and then 
loading popcorn we were at Spring Creek for 9 hours! 
That's not the norm, thank goodness!
We all slept a little late today and I postponed exercising till this 
afternoon. That isn't a good option. Do-able but not preferred. 
(mental note to keep getting up to exercise! It helps my whole day!)
We've been back at homeschooling for a few weeks, about the end of July
and I'm frantically trying to finish our 2nd grade curriculum. 
We've kept up with reading & math all along but the actual curriculum 
we have 2 more weeks. I can't just stop or we'll be missing 4 states in
 our U.S Notebook. 
We'll plan to officially start 3rd grade September 5th. 
Yes, Labor day!
We'll ease into our crazy busy schedule. This week & next week we have 
co-op and Classical Conversations. Then the following week will begin 
Garrett's new reading class at Science, Etc and CC but no co-op due to
Labor day. So the official crazy schedule won't begin till the week
after Labor day and I should be in a good routine by then! (we hope).
I'm very excited and anxious about this year. We have a little bit of strife 
lately. Thankfully no longer over school but more about discipline 
and obedience overall. Garrett's finally seeing he loves being home schooled 
and the many freedoms, opportunities and family time we have. 
I'm praying God will help us both with patience, kindness, respect, love
and mercy. Some days have been tough!
Although we never officially took break it seems appropriate to say,
Happy Back to School!

yes we had baby girl! Eleanor AnnMarie aka Nellie was born June 28. Here I am 2 months later finally updating my blog that I haven’t touched since we found out she’s was coming! Yes, it’s been that busy! But all good!

Garrett LOVES having a baby sister! I thought he would quickly be “over” her but nope he is still glowing. Her 2 hour nap is so hard for him to wait on! I’m thinking once she’s mobile he may reconsider but maybe not he really wanted a baby for so very long. She has stolen his heart!

The Powell home is all a buzz as usual. Dave’s job is going good but still lots of hours. He changed over to a company we subcontracted work from in December and being an employee has proven much easier in the tight economy & on our family. Garrett is ready to begin 2nd grade. We’ve schooled over the summer but just wrapping up some ends before starting 2nd officially. We will start next Monday. We’ve signed up for co-op it starts in Sept. and he has been back into cub scouts for the last few weeks. He went back to karate when Nellie was 2 wks old. Cub Scout Day Camp, church camp &  summer musical were all super fun! Garrett’s “life” is getting back to order: church, school, co-op, cub scouts, karate, Lego robotics etc, etc…. Nellie is doing great and sleeping through the night. Some nights she stirs a bit and I hear it all but I’m learning to let her “teach” herself to settle and sleep on her own – as the doc says. She is just precious and perfect!

I’ve stayed plenty busy with Parker County Republican Women, PC Republican Party, PCCHE board meetings and such! A whole lot of meetings with a newborn & 7 yr old in tow!  And of course, tending to my home. Having another baby has made me fall in love with being a wife and mother all over again. I am blessed! Just don’t visit my house today! I’ve had 2 very busy weeks, camped last weekend and going camping again this weekend! You can only imagine the bomb that has exploded!

I’m ready for routine and normalcy!  I’ll keep up better on the blog (I’m much better about pics & such on FB) but for now I must be off to another meeting!

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
       but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12

My heart has longed for another child. For over 4 years we have prayed, trusted and waited but now our longing is fulfilled and it is a tree of LIFE! We are very happy to share that we are expecting! God is SO good and HIS timing and way is better than mine! As I have loved seeing new babies born into our lives and blessing & loving on each family my heart grew more and more to have a baby at home. Garrett has prayed each night for 3 years for God to let us have a baby. Our God hears all our prayers, not now does not mean not forever ~ it means today!

We are probably 6-8wks along and I have an appointment next week to help confirm a date. Dave and I had a feeling that this month really could have been it! As days & weeks have passed we have waited for signs & symptoms. Finally this past weekend a home test confirmed what we both had felt was true!

Monday I asked Garrett if he would help me at the store as I told him, “Daddy has a friend and their family will be having a baby. It would be nice for us to send a small gift to congratulate them”. “Okay, can I please pick it out?”. As we were shopping he says, “I’m happy they are getting their baby but will when God give us a baby?” So precious! Garrett selected a super soft Winnie the Pooh lovie and a baby rattle. Monday night after I packed the gift in a bag Garrett told daddy it was ready for his friend. Dave then surprised Garrett that his special friend was mommy and his family would have a baby. Garrett was SO excited! He really didn’t know the baby gift was for us, he really thought it was for a family friend.


Tuesday was my dad’s birthday and we decided to surprise my family that evening with the news! Last night as we all gathered for dad’s birthday cake Garrett anxiously (and quietly) awaited till late in the evening to share he would be a big brother! Earlier in the day Garrett made a card that said “Happy birthday Granddad, Love Garrett ‘The Big Brother” It had clip art all around at the top of the page with birthday and the bottom of the page baby!  He is SO excited to be a big brother and already very busy planning all he will do with his new baby brother or sister. He is also very busy telling me what we should do around the house to prepare, I know & I’ll get to it in time but this week I’m sharing our Celebration and Blessing!


This was an old post I prepared in October. I wanted to wait till we announced to both our parents before posting to the blog then I’ve just been busy, sick and forgotten!

One of our home school groups had a Mad Science day recently. It was fantastic! A house full of children and bubbly oozy gooey mess! Great fun! Thank you Shelley for hosting and all your hard work!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: In the Lab


Sorry Shelley I stole this from you! It’s too cute! Thanks for a great science day & great pics!


Colorado (467)Garrett and I traveled to Colorado again this September with my mom & dad. It was beautiful and great weather! 7 days of nature, hikes, games, puzzles, naps, camp fire, 4 wheeling, eating and more! We had a fantastic treat as well, David was able to come up  for the weekend riding with my cousin, friend and aunt. Yay! They arrived Friday evening and left Monday. The weekend was perfect and Garrett loved having daddy with him this year!

After David left Garrett and I enjoyed our time playing together and visiting with Gran Gran and Granddad.

I am SO behind on posting blogs. Sadly becasue of Facebook I have failed to keep up on my blog. I had a reminder from my mom that the blog is a very nice for family to stay current with our fam.

I’ll be posting soon. Things have been very busy and I have alot to share!

It’s going to be hard to decide where to start Colorado, Cub Scouts, Schooling, Fossil Rim, friends, family…..